HCVP Administrative Plan

Purpose of the Administrative Plan

The purpose of the Administrative Plan is to establish local policies for administering the program in a manner that is consistent with HUD requirements and the local goals and objectives as set forth in the PHA’s Agency Plan.

The Administrative Plan, hereinafter referred to as the Admin Plan, covers both the admission and continued participation in the Section 8 HCV program. The PHA is responsible for complying with all changes in HUD regulations pertaining to the Section 8 HCV program. Revisions to the Admin Plan will be made as needed to comply with new HUD requirements or changes.

If such changes conflict with this Admin Plan, HUD regulations will have precedence. The Admin Plan is a supporting document to the PHA’s Agency Plan and shall be available
for review as required by 24 CFR 903. Pursuant to 24 CFR Part 982.54 the Admin Plan and any revisions shall be presented to the PHA Board of Commissioners for formal adoption and a copy provided to HUD.

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